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Pic of  Days 2 – 4

No sunny skies yet, buts its not raining as we take another short hop from Cowra to Dubbo – where we will stay put over the Queens Birthday Long Weekend. Like Cowra we have visited Dubbo a few times so didn’t want to see the Western Plains Zoo – so we sought out the sites less travelled.  Couple of short walks along the Macquarie River and around the town, plus a longer walk to the Japanese Gardens – nearly every town seems to have one of these, are they a status symbol ?

Dubbo has constructed a few good cycling paths – out to the Zoo, to Dundullimal Homestead and along the Macquarie River – worth a ride if you bring your bikes.

Smashed the side wing mirror on our ute (tree jumped out as I was reversing) but a local glazier fixed us up good as new for $40.

3 Pics for these 3 days :

Our odometer as we pull into Dubbo

Canowindra enroute to Dubbo - clicked over 77777 km - 10 June 2016


The Zen Garden in the Dubbo Japanese Gardens


Dubbo - Japanese Gardens 04 - 12 June 2016


and the artillery shell chain surrounding the Dubbo War Memorial


Dubbo - War Memorial Artillery shell chain fencing - 13 June 2016    Dubbo - War Memorial Artillery shell chain fencing detail - 13 June 2016


Oh and just for good measure – the two caravanners on their bikes


Dubbo - Faye on Tracker Riley Cycleway - 13 June 2016      Dubbo - Tony on the ride - 13 June 2016


Pic of the Day – Day 1
You all know what its like – I keep thinking “have I forgotten something” before setting off – and after a few kilometres all those worries disappear. It was raining when we left but in China that’s good luck – hope it applies to Cowra as well. Cowra is just a stop-over this time, but the Japanese Gardens, POW Camp and Cherry Blossoms are worth many a visit – but alas Neila’s one of the few Chef Hat restaurants in country NSW has closed after about 10 years – wonderful, innovative food from fresh local produce.
Pic today is the flood level indicator underneath the Lachlan River Bridge – at these heights the caravan park would be a very deep swimming pool – but thankfully it was only damp on 9 June 2016.

Cowra - Flood Levels - June 2016